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 BTA Guangzhou Introduction to Intellectual Property Agency Ltd.


  North Canton Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary agency of intellectual property rights in North Beijing, its predecessor was founded on June 1, 2000 in Beijing, Guangzhou Branch Patent Trademark Office (2003 changed to Beijing in the north intellectual Property Agency Ltd. Guangzhou Branch; 2009 establishment of the Guangzhou North intellectual Property Agency Ltd.). Is one of the oldest trademarks branch agencies designated by the State Administration for Industry and established.

  After ten years of unremitting efforts and hard work , our company continues to expand the scope of services , from the previous single trademark services , to the development of intellectual property rights covering major areas of trademarks, patents , copyrights , domain names , trade names , etc. ; while also continue to deepen the depth of business : Successful agent from the right foundation for agents to monitor the development of all types of intellectual property cases to investigate , complaints , litigation , mediation and customs registration of intellectual property rights , the right quality registration services , and for the well-known , well-known trademark recognition , etc. all kinds of difficult and complicated cases to solve , build a mature , can be adapted to the different needs of customers , multi-level three-dimensional structure of IP services platform. In the ten years of development years, our company not only successfully achieved a qualitative leap in the domestic agency services , more times, and law firms in the world in dozens of countries and regions to establish a long-term , stable and harmonious business partnership and maintain intellectual property rights among international and regional organizations with close ties to achieve international standards of IP services platform for domestic and overseas customers with a convenient international IP service channel . Currently, foreign trademark application proxy , well-known and well-known trademark recognition , patent applications , intellectual property ownership, rights and litigation services , has become the focus of our company and benefits services.

 In the decade of the market storm, the company always adhere to the "service first, reputation first" purpose of the work and improve service quality, to build a harmonious team, and excellent professional qualities and perseverance and dedication, for the majority of customers with comprehensive, professional intellectual property services to win customer trust and praise, and to be in a turbulent market environment, to achieve its own security and stable development upward.

  I believe that with the strength of strong professional, hard-up fighting spirit, meticulous and responsible attitude and the new and old customers the support, I will be even more vigor, usher in a new, broader and more brilliant development prospects! Provide a more comprehensive, more professional, more comfortable and IP services to new and old customers!



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