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What are the effects and changes brought about by the low trademark registration costs?

What are the effects and changes brought about by the low trademark registration costs?

Speaking of changes in trademark registration application fees, it is puzzling. With the rapid development of China's economy, people's income has risen, and labor costs have continued to rise. This has also led to a substantial increase in the prices of various commodities and service industries. The intellectual property service industry alone relied mainly on the input of human resources, the labor cost was the largest, and the trademark service registration price should have risen even higher. On the contrary, the service price was developing in reverse, not only not rising, but also falling.
Since the implementation of the trademark registration system in 1992. At that time, the registration fee for trademark applications in the industry was relatively standardized. The overall trademark registration fee was about 2,000 yuan, of which the fee was 1,000 yuan, and the domestic trademark agency fee was 1,000 yuan; after that, the qualification of the agency was canceled, there was no access requirement, and market chaos continued to be low. The price of malicious competition, the decline in the quality of agents, disrupted the healthy development of the trademark industry. Into the Internet era, the entry of some Internet companies' trademark e-commerce platform has once again impacted the price of trademark registration agencies in the low-price, free-marketing model. In recent years, trademark fees have also been lowered. The fee for the past trademark application was 1,000 yuan, and it was lowered to 300 yuan three times. Promote the overall trademark registration fee to decrease exponentially. Too low the cost of trademark registration is good or bad. What impact does he have on the trademark service industry? The author makes a simple comment on this.
The first low trademark registration cost misled the company's understanding of the professionalism, complexity, and value of intangible assets, and devalued the value of intellectual property service personnel.
Since the abolition of trademark agency qualifications, too low a trademark registration cost, many companies mistakenly believe that the registration of a trademark is very simple and anyone can do it without professional knowledge and experience. If so?
The trademark registration itself seems to be a simple procedural application. In fact, trademark registration applications involve many issues such as complexity and professionalism. For example, the evaluation of a trademark search before the application involves a number of legally prohibitive absolute terms, such as the complicated judgment of the prior trademark, the distinctiveness of the trademark, and bad influence. All of these require agency talents with rich legal knowledge and professional experience to give correct assessments and tips, so as to reduce corporate risks and increase the success rate of trademark registration. Some agents lack the basic professional knowledge and professional ethics. They don't ask companies to submit their trademark applications. They either don't understand them after they make inquiries, deceive customers, and commit misleadingly and mislead companies. As companies do not know what to expect, they believe that there is absolutely no problem in applying for a trademark. Before the trademark is successfully registered, a large number of trademark promotion and production operations are started. When they learned that they could not register and stop using it, a large amount of economic investment was lost in the previous period, resulting in heavy losses. When you look for an agent, you either run away or get confused.
The second registration cost is too low, which has spawned a number of trademark traders and brought fire to the trademark trading market.
These trademark traffickers use the convenience of online application or direct acceptance of the window and take advantage of the opportunity to sell a large number of registered trademarks to sell them. They only need to register for a cost of 300 yuan and transfer their prices ranging from tens of thousands of yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, and sell through some trademark trading platforms. , Get high profits from it. Due to the large number of trademark applications, trademark registration has become more and more difficult. Some companies have had to choose directly to purchase ready-made trademarks. As a result, many companies investing in trademark trading platforms have been promoted. The business of buying and selling trademarks is booming.
The low cost of the third registration has exacerbated the increase in useless trademarks and junk marks, which has increased the pressure for trademark examination and increased the cost of trademark maintenance.
Trademark facilitation reform, optimization of registration procedures, full liberalization of online applications, and reduction of registration fees have on the one hand facilitated a rapid increase in the number of trademark filing applications; on the other hand, it has also put tremendous pressure on the examination authority's review time limit and quality of review. The contradiction between the lack of censorship and the sharp increase in the number of applications has become more prominent.
Enterprises are in a dilemma in the protection of trademark registration. First, in order to prevent trademark registration, enterprises have to register a large number of defensive trademarks, expand registration protection, and increase registration costs. Second, a large number of defense-free trademarks and trademarks Revoking the risk of not using it for three years. In order to prevent the withdrawal of the third one has to increase the cost of trademark registration and maintenance. Too low registration costs have also led to an increase in trademark traffickers, resulting in an increasing number of unused trademarks and junk trademarks. Severely hindered the normal trademark application and use of the company.
In short, the fundamental reason for the confusion in the trademark agency industry is that there are no barriers, and many people with low quality are involved in the ranks. These people cannot rely on professional standards to provide services for enterprises. They can only rely on low-price malicious competition to lure customers or rob them in double identities. Note and hoarding trademarks sold for high profits. These chaos also have a negative impact on many regular and outstanding agencies.
Practice has proved that the industry in which the trademark agency industry mainly relies on professional knowledge and experience services completely abolishes the access conditions and lowers the registration cost. It is undoubtedly unfavorable for the healthy development of the industry and brings about some side effects and effects. It is worth our reflection. For a long time, according to the characteristics of the trademark industry, it has repeatedly reflected that the qualification conditions for trademark agencies should be restored, and the problem of the low professional quality of trademark agents should be fundamentally solved, and the quality of trademark agents should be improved. This problem has not been solved for many years. With the price of malicious competition, excessively low registration costs have aggravated the hoarding of trademarks and the development and continuation of malicious cybersquatting.