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Release of typical cases of intellectual property administrative protection in 2020

Time of issue: : 2021-04--28
In order to thoroughly implement the decision and deployment of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Comprehensively Strengthening Intellectual Property Protection, guide and improve the quality and efficiency of handling cases, effectively deter intellectual property violations, and actively create a good business environment, during the National Intellectual Property Publicity Week in 2021, the State Intellectual Property office issued typical cases of intellectual property administrative protection in 2020. After case selection, online voting and expert review, the State Intellectual Property Office finally selected the top ten typical cases of patent administrative protection and top ten typical cases of trademark administrative protection in 2020. Among them, patent cases cover three types of patents: invention, utility model and design. The types of cases involve administrative adjudication of patent infringement disputes, investigation and handling of counterfeit patents, and mediation of disputes over patent ownership and inventor qualification; Trademark cases cover commodity trademarks, service trademarks and collective trademarks of geographical indications. The types of cases involve investigating and dealing with illegal acts such as trademark infringement and counterfeiting, general violations of trademarks and infringement of well-known trademarks. These typical cases are highly representative, concerned and influential, showing the achievements China has made in comprehensively strengthening intellectual property protection, giving full play to the advantages of administrative protection, effectively deterring illegal acts, continuously optimizing innovation and business environment in recent years. Among the top ten typical cases announced, the "Maiji" case is the agency of Guangzhou Zhongbei company. This case is a typical case of trademark intellectual property protection in 2020 by the State Administration of market supervision, the top ten typical cases of the State Intellectual Property Bureau, and the top ten typical cases of cross judicial administrative arbitration and mediation of intellectual property protection in Guangzhou.
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