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Patent agency services

Business Area

Patent agency services

  • Patent application document writing
  • Domestic and foreign applications for patents (through PCT and Paris Convention procedures)
  • Patent reexamination, patent invalidation, patent administrative litigation
  • Provide legal advice on patent validity
  • Provide legal opinions on patent infringement judgment
  • Provide legal advice related to patent laws and regulations
  • Judicial proceedings for patent infringement disputes
  • Administrative handling of patent infringement disputes
  • Exhibition intellectual property protection
  • Patent Customs Protection
  • Patent contract filing
  • Licensing of patented and non patented technologies
  • Transfer consulting and agency
  • Payment of annual patent fee
  • Patent strategic planning and design
  • Patent navigation
  • Patent application novelty search
  • Patent technology mining
  • Patent value evaluation
  • Intellectual property transaction
  • Translation of patent documents
  • Drafting

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