Overview of BTA

Established in August 1992, BTA Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd. (formerly Beijing Trademark and Patent Office), is one of the first leading trademark agencies approved by the authority of China. Most of the founders of the firm were engaged in the IP industry with rich expertise and experiences for decades and they were the leading officers of Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce and the State Intellectual Property Office prior to start this company. After nearly 30 years of development, BTA IP has become one of the largest intellectual property agencies with dozens of lawyers, trademark agents and patent agents. The scope of business comprehensively involves trademark, patent, copyright and other intellectual property fields. The specific business ranges from application for basic rights, daily monitoring, investigation and complaint of infringement cases to acting as an agent for intellectual property litigation cases. So far, it has successfully represented more than 800000 intellectual property matters, of which more than 100 trademarks have become well-known trademarks in China or local famous trademarks.


MINGYONG Law Office (hereinafter referred to as MINGYONG), established in 2003, is a distinctive intellectual property legal service institution in China. MINGYONG focuses on intellectual property fields such as trademarks, copyrights, domain names, trade dress and unfair competition, and provides all-round services such as consultation, application, mediation, administrative protection and litigation for customers at home and abroad. MINGYONG also adheres to the combination of customer development and intellectual property protection. When facing the clients, Mingyong always establish a comprehensive team comprising of different professionals such as lawyers and professionals of enterprise management to analyze how to make the enterprise's intellectual property more effectively support the enterprise's development and spare no effort to provide customers with comprehensive and in-depth professional services. MINGYONG is now a member of China Trademark Association, China Intellectual Property Association, Zhongguancun trademark service center, International Trademark Association (INTA) and other institutions and associations. Zhang Peng, chairman of the board, serves as the supervisor of China-Africa Private Chamber of Commerce.


In 2020, BTA IP and MINGYONG  were joined together. In the same year, in order to better cooperate with the development, BTA Law Firm  was established. In the future, BTA will rely on the trinity of BTA IP, MINGYONG and BTA Law Firm to provide customers with more professional, comprehensive and efficient intellectual property agents (trademarks, patents, copyrights, etc.) and various legal services in the whole life cycle of the enterprise.


BTA has established long-term and stable business cooperation with law firms and agencies in more than 100 countries and regions in the world, and maintains close contact with international and regional intellectual property organizations. In order to better serve customers, BTA has set up more than 10 branches or offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Wenzhou, Qingdao, Guangxi, Dongying and other places.


BTA will always adhere to the purpose of "service first, reputation first", give full play to its own advantages, rely on the strong resources of  BTA IP, MINGYONG,& BTA law firms, local branches and overseas cooperation institutions, and provide customers with all fields and services with the excellent quality and perseverance of BTA’s professional team. The whole process of intellectual property services and various comprehensive legal services create more value for customers.


Authority of the Industry

BTA, comprises by the first batch of trademark and patent agencies designated by the state, dozens of senior intellectual property experts, with 30 years of intellectual property experience, is now the vice president of China Trademark Association and the vice president of trademark agent branch.


Professional Elite

The professionals were mainly graduated from Peking University, Tsinghua University, China University of Political Science and Law, Beijing Foreign Languages University, etc. Most of the members have worked in the administrative department for Industry and commerce, the State Intellectual Property Office and other departments, as well as well-known intellectual property management research experts who have worked for nearly 30 years.


Famous in the Industry

After nearly 30 years of development, BTA enjoys good reputation in the industry. It has been awarded the honor of "National Advanced Company" by the state trademark administration for many times, and has been rated as "excellent agency" for many times, and has won the trust and good reputation of customers at home and abroad.


High Efficiency

Headquartered in Beijing, BTA has more than 10 branches in various provinces and cities in China, has established long-term cooperative relations with law firms in more than 100 countries overseas, and has maintained close and good working relations with the Intellectual Property Office of China, which can ensure efficient and down-to-earth provision of all-round intellectual property services for enterprises.

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Important customers

Social responsibility

Service quality and reputation first

  • Enterprise vision

    Become a well-known legal service company

  • Enterprise concept

    Create a quality life and carve a beautiful city

  • Core values

    Serving customers and achieving employees' continuous innovation and professionalism

  • Long term planning

    Deeply cultivate local culture and aspire to North China for a century


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