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Business scope covers trademark, patent, copyright and other intellectual property fields

Business Scope

Trademark registration process

Preparation Phase   Declaration stage   The trial stage   Issued for review   Actual examination stage   Preliminary announcement   Approved registration               

Preparation Phase
The materials that the households need to provide: The company needs to provide a copy of the company's test license.People need to provide a copy of the business license of individual industrial and commercial households. We provide similar trademark search and troubleshooting.Give professional advice on rationalization. Check the qualifications of applicants and prepare trademark applications and power of attorneys.



Application stage
We check the application materials for you, and we would like to apply for a formal application from the Trademark Office. Trademark Office of the application
Please conduct a formal review and issue a notice of acceptance.



Preliminary announcement
We will send the notice of preliminary notice to your address.We will pay attention during the announcementYour move. If different parliaments tell you the first time!


Approved registration
After receiving the trademark registration certificate,
We will send you the first time!

Preparation Phase

Application stage

Approved registration

Preliminary announcement

Trademark business scope

Trademark renewal

Trademark testing

Change the name and address of the applicant

Trademark license registration

Trademark opposition review

Trademark transfer

Trademark evaluation

Trademark Registration Type